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James Anderson

James Anderson (1813-1877)
Was born at Blencarn (Cumberland, GB) on March 11, 1813 with the name Isaac Atkinson. He studied painting in Paris where he resides until 1837. In January 1838 he moved to Rome and with the pseudonym of William Nuget Dunbar he participated to annual exhibitions of the Society Amatory and the Belle's Arti students. He changed his name to James Anderson. The 1845 register of the frequenters of the Caffé Greco gives his signature with an address at Fuori Porta del Popolo N. 6, profession photographer.
From this period he became a professional calotype photographer - we can not exclude that he also took Daguerreotypes but there is no proof of this at the present. Later he used albumen-on-glass but he generally preferred wet collodion.
During his first photographic period, when he used calotypes, Anderson doesn't seem to have ever signed his works and his blind-stamp only started to appear around 1855. The attribution to James Anderson of his early work is given by the blind-stamp of Jos Spithover who sold his prints or by the enumeration that sometimes appears on the photograph. Such numeration has to correspond to that of the first commercial catalogue.
His views are generally well executed and very well printed. His works were on sale from the bookseller Joseph Spithover - which manufactured upon request albums of photographs selected by the customer. For many years he was in direct competition with Robert MacPherson who was also resident in Rome.
From around 1870 he worked with his young son Domenico (1854-1938). He died February 27, 1877 and his photographic activity was continued by Domenico with notable success.

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