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Hippolyte Arnoux

Hippolyte Arnoux (active c. 1860 - c. 1890)
Hippolyte Arnoux was a was a French photographer and publisher working in Egypt in the 1860s and 1870s. Few details of his life are known beyond what can be deduced from his photographs. He was based in Port Said. During the 1860s, he documented the excavation of the Suez Canal and published the resulting photographs as Album du Canal de Suez, the work for which he is perhaps best remembered.. At the same time, he occasionally worked with the Port Said photographic studio, Adelphoi Zangaki. In the late 1860s, Arnoux was a partner of Antonio Beato.  
He also produced views of the ancient monuments of Egypt (the Sphinx, the Pyramid), as well as the important buildings of Cairo (the Tombs of the Caliphs, the Citadel) and local types (the Arabian Knife Grinder, the Water Carrier, the Arabian Barber). It is thought that he also took photographs in Aden, Jerusalem, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia, though he is known to have approached at least one other photographer in the Middle East with a view to exchanging negatives.
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