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Adolfo Farsari

Adolfo Farsari (1841 - 1898)
Adolfo Farsari was born in Vicenza. He began a career in the Italian military in 1859 but emigrated to the United States in 1863 and, a fervent abolitionist, Farsari served with the Union Army as a New York State Volunteer Cavalry trooper until the end of the American Civil War. in 1873 moved to Japan. Based in Yokohama, Farsari formed a partnership with E.A. Sargent. Their firm, Sargent, Farsari & Co., dealt in smokers' supplies, stationery, visiting cards, newspapers, magazines and novels, Japanese and English conversation books, dictionaries, guidebooks, maps, and photographic views of Japan. He took up photography in 1883 and in In 1885 he formed a partnership with photographer Tamamura Kozaburo to acquire the Stillfried & Andersen studio. In February 1886 a fire destroyed all of Farsari's negatives, and he then toured Japan for five months taking new photographs to replace them. He reopened his studio in 1887. Despite his losses in the fire, by 1889 Farsari's stock comprised about 1,000 Japanese landscapes and genre portraits.
Following the innovations of Felice Beato and Baron Raimund von Stillfried, Farsari further developed the trade in photograph albums. His studio generally produced sepia monochrome albumen prints that were hand-coloured andmounted on album leaves. Following Farsari's departure from Japan in 1890, his studio continued to operate and even listed him as proprietor until 1901, when Tonokura Tsunetaro became the owner.

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