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I was born in Italy, in Sacile, Friuli Venezia Giulia in 1954, and began to uproot himself right away, spending his youth and adolescence between Rome, London and Turin. I returned to Sacile for a short period in 1968 and from 1972 settled in Padua where I graduated in Chemistry. Currently I live and work in Caneva. The passion for photography had its embryo in London when "stolen" my father's camera ran out of my first film roll in 1963. In 1978, finished studies, I raised the money to buy my first camera ( a Canon FTb) and started to photograph consistently.

Also in 1978 on the stimulus of Roberto Salbitani, editor of the November and December 1978 editions of the magazine Progresso Fotografico, I started to experiment with ancient photographic techniques.

I successfully participated in photographic competitions (1981 - Ilford, Creativity in Black and White, 1982 - 8th International Toro Assicurazioni Photo Competition), in exhibitions (1983 - 2nd focus of experiences photo cine video in Italy - Galleria la Roggia Pordenone). My pictures have been acquired by galleries and private individuals.
In the meantime I cultivated the need to know the history of photography by collecting and restoring cameras and albumen prints from the end of the 19th century.
In 2000 the old passion of experimentation with ancient techniques returns, specializing in the creation of kallitypes (platinum, palladium, gold and selenium) and anthotypes a photographic process that exploits the photosensitivity of leafs and flowers.

I photograph what I see that captures me, because I find it beautiful, or fascinating or simply odd. From the beginning, my surroundings had been my primary subject. Over time, friends and unknown people have also found their way in front of my lens.
Currently, after rediscovering Edward S. Curtis Orotones, I'm trying to partially adapt that intriguing technique with nowadays technologies.
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